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The Pink Stethoscope

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Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia

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Marcia Fletcher

The Pink Stethoscope was founded by Marcia Fletcher RVNS, Dip V.N. (Dist), VTS (Anaesthesia & Analgesia) to provide a much-needed educational platform for encouraging and elevating professionals within the veterinary industry.

Marcia Fletcher is a registered veterinary nurse specialist and a recognised international speaker. In 2011 she became New Zealand’s first veterinary technician specialist in anaesthesia and analgesia.

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Changing the world, one anaesthesia at a time

Frequently in New Zealand general practices the veterinary technician or nurse is in charge of looking after a patient’s anaesthesia. This role can be challenging, especially with complicated cases. 


Gaining valuable anaesthesia knowledge through further education promotes confidence and strengthens the whole veterinary team.


Marcia’s veterinary anaesthesia experience and unique teaching style has allowed her to provide many years of service to university level veterinary teaching and postgraduates within New Zealand and abroad.  


Marcia is passionate about providing quality anaesthesia education and training for veterinary professionals throughout New Zealand and abroad. 



“Marcia brings so much enthusiasm and passion for anaesthesia into her training and presentations, we can always be assured they will be engaging and entertaining!


We feel privileged to have worked with Marcia to bring high-class anaesthesia education to Australia and New Zealand.”

~ Miranda Tiong, ANZ category/brand manager anaesthesia and analgesia, Jurox Pty Ltd

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