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Talks and Lectures

Marcia Fletcher is recognised in New Zealand and internationally as a thought leader and speaker on veterinary anaesthesia.

Often the veterinary technician or nurse is the main person looking after a patient’s anaesthesia. Vets are often left managing a difficult surgery as well as anaesthetic complications.  Anaesthesia can be stressful, especially when our patient isn’t stable or hasn’t “read the textbook”. 


By attending my lectures, all veterinary professionals will gain vital knowledge of anaesthesia, and will be better prepared for the anaesthesia period, including for any complications.


I see my role as one of leadership, where I can support and empower the whole veterinary team while they are gaining confidence in veterinary anaesthesia.

⚐  Information about crediting my veterinary education services toward formal continuing professional development.


I can present a session to suit your audience and the situation, whether you're hosting an industry conference, an online panel discussion, or seeking a specialist lecturer. 

I present both online virtual and in-person talks and lectures:


  • Webinar presentations and round-tables


  • Conference and seminar speaker


  • Industry meetings and expos


  • University guest lecturer


I can deliver standalone lectures or talks, join your panel of experts, or customise a presentation to fit in with your programme.


Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.


28th VNCA Conference, June 4th-7th 2022

Marcia was the international keynote presenter, delivering 9 anaesthesia and pain management lectures over three days, at the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Australia.​ 


New lectures presented at this conference included:

  • "It's Complicated" - Anaesthesia complications

  • "You are getting Sleepy" - Premedication and induction agents

World Congress of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, March 2023

Marcia presented in Sydney Australia:

  • Sunrise to Sunset: Paediatric and Geriatric Anaesthesia 

29th VNCA Conference, April 2023

Marcia presented in Perth Australia:

  • Anaesthesia for the broken heart

  • Rough inductions and difficult recoveries

  • Mums and Bubs: Anaesthesia in pregnancy and caesareans



“Marcia was funny and interactive! Definitely one of the best speakers I saw this year! Her energy spreads through the room, Love her!” 


“Best speaker I have listened to, attended every session she offered. Please bring her back for future meetings!”


~ Anonymous speaker feedback from VMX conference, Orlando, Florida 2020

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