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Training, Consulting & Lecturing

Online or in-person for vets and vet nurses/technicians

Veterinary nurses and technicians are often put into the “anaesthetist” role in general practices within the veterinary industry. Being in charge of a patient’s anaesthesia can be immensely stressful, particularly with complex cases.  


The whole veterinary team will be stronger and more confident as the result of gaining valuable anaesthesia knowledge through further education.


My experience in veterinary anaesthesia and unique teaching style has allowed me to provide years of service to veterinary teaching at the university level and to post-graduates in New Zealand and overseas.  


I am passionate about providing quality anaesthesia education and training, whether online or in-person, for nurses and technicians across New Zealand.  

CPD - continuing professional development credits
My talks and lectures are accredited by the NZVNA and count toward CPD at 1 point per hour of attendance.

Please use the form on the Contact page to request information about my forthcoming events.

What services do I provide?
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